A teenager passes time on his phone during the long days of occupation_
A man during a demonstration in front of the political occupation_
Several women in the beginning of the political occupation_
An undocumented father and his son are being chased after one of the peaceful demonstratio
An Egyptian construction worker during the political occupation_
Riot police using tear gas towards peaceful demonstrators_
A man praying in the church during the political occupation_
A man and a child during one of the many demonstrations of the USPR, L'union des Sans Papi
The entrance of the Beguinage church, the first occupation location_
Two men rest during the hunger strike where each activist put a paper with their job in Be
A doctor checks up on one of the hunger strikers_
A man stitched his mouth together as a symbol of feeling unheard after six weeks of being
DSC00804 (1).jpg
Legal experts and the political activists sit together to prepare the files of almost 500