From a sunny wednesday in Belgium to a medieval castle in Trakai

The hardest part of leaving home for five months is probably deciding what to take with you and what to leave behind. My destination country was Lithuania so I had to keep in mind that winter is coming and -15 degrees will be daily weather soon. While leaving the sun behind I decided to bring my own sun in life: T R A V E L T I M E

My first trip in Lithuania was Trakai. It's a historical city in Lithuania and only 40 km away from Vilnius. Personally I think the beauty of the castle and the lakes all around are the biggest factor for people to come here. But there's also some interesting history and culture behind the castle.

It was originally built in the 14th century and was used for a lot of different activities. Back in the days it was a military base, a private castle of dukes and a prison which led to a ruin in the end. In the 20th century it was rebuilt and now it's still in use as a museum but also for theatre and other cultural events.

So if you wanna visit, pay attention for concerts and other activities. Pink Floyd had actually played at the castle of Trakai so this would make a visit twice as worthy. ;)


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