Užupis = H O M E

Before moving to Vilnius, the only thing I knew about this city was the fact that it had an Old Town which was listed as UNESCO world heritage Site. In my first days here I realized I lived in an even more special neighbourhood.

I live in Užupis, which also means the other side of the river. It reminds people a lot of Montmartre in Paris, but I think this is more unique. In my birthyear (1997) on the 1st of April there was some man who thought it was time for it's own republic in this beautiful part of the city. And so until today the people here still live together as a community with a very funny constitution. My top 3 rights of the constitution: A dog has the right to be a dog, everybody has the right to live next to the river (Vilnia river) and everybody has the right to be happy or unhappy. I will share the atmosphere in the city with you by some new photographs in my favorite hometown;

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