Lithuanian seaside: Palanga - Klaipėda- Nida

Try to imagine what Lithuania looks like. You would never think of a wide beach along the shore right? Well, actually Lithuania surprised me again. I enjoyed the final weekend of sunshine during my trip to the seaside.

Palanga has a bit city life in it, Klaipėda has its charm as a little (yet Lithuanians most important) port city, but Nida is really just all about calmth and nature. Palanga is known for the wide beach and its long pier. Klaipeda on the other side has still some lovely night life and a special history thanks to their port. Until 1945 it was a German city that even Adolf Hitler visited during his reign. Afterwards the Soviets took over and when communism finally fell apart in 1990-1991, the remainings of Klaipėda (as the whole country) became independent after all.

Last but not least Nida is known for its beautiful dunes. People just come here for their daily walk with their lover or dog, or just to feel more at ease. There's some lovely forest and the town is completely surrounded by the Baltic sea and a lake which is so big that it looks like another sea.

One last little detail: Nida is just 9 km away from the Russian border. In the South West of Lithuania all of a sudden you find Russian territory, perhaps some remnants of the Soviet Union...?

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