Adventure is always around the corner, if you look good enough. From other high points in Vilnius you just see the dome of this church, but when you take a closer look around and adventually find a way inside, the most peculiar beauty is found.

The church is named The church of the sacred heart of Jezus and was built in 18th century. Now it has been closed around 10 years already. Still it feels like a treasure alone just to explore the site and try to find the view 38 meters way up.

The monastery was closed for the first time in 1863 by the Tsar regime. Orthodox Monks lived since 1865 in a bell-tower which stood next to the church. From 1915-1919, after the Orthodox exile from Lithuania, The monastery returned to the place where they lived until 1948. After that, a prison was established both in the monastery and in the church. The church's space was divided into several floors, with the establishment of the administration and the hall of performances on the lower floors, leaving the chapel to the dome. Now this chapel is the only surviving religious accent of the church. And still in here, there is not a lot that remains. ( except for the most lovely view in Vilnius ofcourse, which hopefully will still survive after all.)

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