INSIDER: Soviet Palace of Concerts and Sports

I am no longer in Vilnius, but today I will act as if I am back inside one of my most adventurous urban exploring trips. We're talking about a Soviet Palace!

The Soviet Palace of Concerts and Sports or also known as Sporto Rūmai (1971) is situated on the northern bank of the Neris river in Vilnius. Before 1950 there used to be the largest Jewish cemetary of Vilnius. Some street names closeby this area like Olimpieciu gatvé remind us of the times when this complex was still in use.

The stadium and swimming pool which were part of the complex are almost wiped out of Žirmūnai, which was once the heart of Lithuanian sports. However, the Palace of concerts and sports is still standing. The arena was capable of holding 4,400 spectators. It was primarily used for volleybal and basket. Closed from the public for almost 15 years, I was able to find my way inside.

It's huge, and surrounded in- and outside with alarms and camera's. Though most alarms inside didn't work anymore one made my heart stand still and get away from the building as fast as I could. I will let my pictures speak further about my Soviet adventure.

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