Roadtrippin' to the far east of Bhutan

You might wonder how anything can be far away in such a small country. Even if you don't wonder about it, I will explain it anyway. When we drive 200 km in Belgium it will take us around two hours and we are already out of the country. Well, this country is situated in the himalayas right. So for travelling 500 km it took us 20 hours. We stayed for the night in Bumthang since the trip is too exhausting to do at once.

I was afraid of getting motion sickness, so I got some sleepy pills in case I was in need for survival. But Luckily, I only had to take it once or twice. The scenery I have seen is unreal. I was in constant amazement. All these different types of vegetation, yet so unique and wonderful on their own.

The reason we did this roadtrip in the first place was for the Youth Summit that BCMD organises. BCMD, or also Bhutan Centre for Media and Democracy, is the NGO where I am currently working for. It was the first time in five successful yearly editions that they travelled all the way to eastern Bhutan to organise the Youth Summit at Sherubtse College. An amazing opportunity for me to learn more about Bhutanese youth, leadership skills, filmmaking,... and trust me, the list goes on.

If you want to get a glimpse of the transformation we experienced, take a look at the aftermovie I have worked on.PS: please don't judge I am just a dummie trying to figure out premiere. In just a week I will be roadtripping once again towards the east, Sherubtse College. This time I will be doing workshops and seminars on photography, media literacy and story telling. Let's see how that goes. I have some awesome plans for the students and awesome pictures ready for a next post


Also, I have been given a new, Bhutanese, name while visitting the parliamant.

Cheers from Karma Choki

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