Roadtrippin' to eastern Bhutan: Photostory

I said goodbye to Thimpu with a single bus ticket towards Phobjika. I didn't book any place to stay, I simply asked on the bus if someone has a friend with a homestay. Since it's off season travelling in Bhutan like this is possible. I was very happy to be there while all the tourists were not. Small valleys like gangtey valley or even Phobjika itself, they are so much more serene without other foreign people around you. I had all the space and time to explore local lifestyle, get to know some youths and even attend one archery game between two gewogs (villages).

I did things that I always do, feed some puppies, go for a walk and look for nice people to talk with. I was blown away by the beauty Bhutan has to offer once again. I can't explain the feeling I get when I am roaming around this country. It's a moment of beauty where time stands still. But in reality, time ofcourse doesn't stand still. After spending some time in Phobjika I hopped on a bus which led me to the junction of the highway where I wanted to hitchhike to Bumthang.

After only 5 minutes a bus to Mongar appeared and took me almost completely to my destination of the day. No hitchhiking, but somehow travelling by bus in Bhutan, how bumpy the roads may get, is also a lovely experience. The drivers always play dj and put the most varieties of music on. Since the travel most of the time takes atleast 4 hours there are always some nice new faces that become friends by the time you reach your destination.

Even though I visited Bumthang very briefly last time I travelled to the east, now I really took the time to visit some of the Dzongs and monasteries. Again I met beautiful people whom took care of me as if I was their own family. I woke up early one morning to see if there was a spot free on a bus to Trashigang, and I got lucky. I had an amazing, but very long, busride where I met some forest rangers with whom I am still in contact. Even though my bum was totally broken after sitting for 11 hours straight on the bus, it was fun.

By the roadside there are always monkeys, beautiful birds and the most idyllic landscapes to entertain you. That's simply Bhutan. Right now I am living in a 'remote' area for a while, on the campus of the oldest university, Sherubtse College. I got the incredible opportunity to teach here and continuously do my research. I am planning some adventures still..but my time is creeping by too fast. Less than 2 months to go, when I think about it, all I want to do is cry. I never thought this would happen, but seriously... l did fell in love with Bhutan.

Tama Jey Gey Luka

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