A Polish week in photos: Days full of laughter and zapiekanka

Poland was my very first experience of travelling solo as a female. As I was going to a break-up it was not ideal. Starting off in Warsaw I already fell in love with the cultural and historical experience Poland offered me. I also discovered the long-island ice tea cocktail in this country, not sure if that's relevant?

As I am writing this down years later things have turned blurry but I will never forget some memories from this trip since it was so ironic. In all places I made friends in the hostel or during the free walking tours. I would really recommend doing this free tours by the orange umbrellas because you meet random nice people and get to know the city through locals. I ended up going to the museum of contemporary art with an Italian exchange student after which he made me try the amazing Zapiekanka.

The most ironic part of this travel though was the part where I wanted to go for a hike in the Tatra mountains with my nike sneakers and no proper gear at all. I totally didn't expect it to be completely snowed in in october or november so yeah. Tatra Mountains, one day I am coming for you!


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