Black Lives Matter: My peaceful rant turning into a written Ted Talk

Just like many of you I felt the need to share my personal opinion on social media even though I was living far away from the West in Bhutan at that moment. Excuse me for the peaceful rant that almost became a written ted talk. Here we go: "Okay, black lives matter. They do. But who of my Belgian friends knows black speaks back? Or any other NGO who actually represent a

voice of equality and anti-racism?

I know many of my friends joined the protests, and I am proud of you for caring about this social issue which may finally slowly erase the concept of white privilege. But what happened now after the protest? Whether it takes place peacefully or not. Why does everyone think that screaming in empty streets and a flash of media attention will solve the root of the problem?

The root of the problem is inside individuals their behaviour and mindset that grew and nestled itself into our authority figures. So I am asking you to be innovative. Moreover, I am asking you to look within yourself. Right now I am living in a very peaceful country where mass protests are prohibited. When I first heard about this as a European I felt it was a violation of raising our voice and our basic rights as a citizen of a nation. But can you imagine that even in the parliament of Bhutan there is nobody who shouts or disrespect simply because of a difference in opinion.

Now, looking at all the footage of people showing their anger and crowds screaming, I get dizzy. How will we fight for peace with anger? As I said, look within yourself how to be effective and of use to bring change in reality, in the present moment. Protect your friends when they are treated badly by the authorities, inform yourself about your civil rights. Spread awareness in your own way of art.

Why don't we create a forum where people with expertise in law and justice fight racism cases in court? Why don't we work on building an actual foundation to protect those who need it? Or genuinely volunteer for an NGO that represents vulnerable groups with legal assistance? Why don't you look inside yourself and make use of your own personal passions and education to actually bring change? Dive deeper into your own social circle. look at your own communication towards other living beings.

I had to come all the way to Bhutan just to realize how messed up our communication in Europe has become. We don't listen to each other, we simply preach monologues thinking that our vision is the right way of life. I did that, recklessly. I want you to just be mindful about supporting equality. Show the world that black lives matter beyond mass protests that are used to portray more division instead of unity by the mainstream media. Please, I would love to see each and every one of us plant the seed before even thinking about seeing the flower blossoming. "

Thank you for reading the escalated Facebook post. Now go support your local NGO and speak back to racism, ethnic profiling or any form of discrimination. Good day y'all.


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